Discover what small can do!

  • A powerhouse of features in a simple solution
  • Perfect for
    Residential markets
  • Superior performance, advanced security at exceptional value
  • Trusted technologies that give advanced security

A powerful evolution

The Next Generation of IRIS products are designed to provide an ultimate technology
and constant power back up for all security users and monitoring centres.

The AoIP system
of choice now
and for the future

The simple, flexible, secure way to manage
a single alarm to an entire estate.

The Next Generation of IRIS products


Chiron Security Communications launches its Next Generation!

NEW IRIS Connect

Enter an era of power, performance and revolutionary development with the launch of the IRIS Connect.

Designed specifically for the residential market, this small but powerful AoIP dialler delivers industry-first Wi-Fi technology.

It’s a new and innovative development in AoIP transmission. 

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IRIS Connect


IRIS Touch Series NG

With the focus on simplicity without compromising security, Chiron Security Communications has again exploited its in-house expertise to bring you the Next Generation of IRIS Touch diallers. 

Benefits of the Next Generation include faster more powerful performance, high level integration and flexibility.

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IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016

Additionally, Chiron Security Communications is pleased to announce the introduction of IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016. Designed to offer the most efficient performance on the market today, this revolutionary software gives monitoring centres not only enhanced performance and capacity due to the high throughput Polling Engines but constant, uninterrupted connection to diallers, new reporting features and commissioning mode, to name but a few.

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IRIS Secure Apps™ 2016