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"We anticipate saving £150,00 per annum compared with our current alarm and signalling arrangements"


Because we take security seriously, all IRIS products are independently tested and they have achieved the coveted VdS approvals which is the benchmark standard most widely recognised across Europe. This represents a major step forward for system users and installers looking to take advantage of IP alarm technology.

The IRIS systems’ accreditation covers EN 50131, 50136 and, more importantly, EN 54-21 for fire systems. They are certified to the highest level of ATS 6 for both IP and GPRS routings.

ATS Grade Calculation

The IRIS System is independently certified up to ATS 6. However, with its scalable polling the IRIS system can offer different levels of security depending on the transmission technology chosen and the polling speed used to meet the required level of security and ATS grade.

This Touch range of products offers a wide range of communications technologies, each with differing characteristics. The following table shows how the IRIS system may be used in a variety of security compliant systems to meet the required installed level of security.

Polling Rate EN 50131/50136 Compliance
IP Ethernet 10 seconds – once per week Up to ATS 6
GPRS 10 seconds – once per week Up to ATS 6
PSTN 24 hours Up to ATS 2
GSM 24 hours Up to ATS 2
SMS Not Polled Not EN Compliant