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IRIS Touch 200 Specifications

Features IRIS Touch 200 IRIS Touch 220 IRIS Touch 240
Constant signal path monitoring
Dual path signalling      
Ethernet IP with GPRS backup    
Alarm dialler output to Ethernet conversion  
Pin inputs to alarms over Ethernet   4 4
Polling (monitoring) over Ethernet   10sec - 7days 10sec - 7days
Alarm panel management over Ethernet  
IRIS dialler management over Ethernet  
USB data to Ethernet  
Alarm dialler output to GPRS conversion  
Pin inputs to alarms over GPRS 4   4
Polling (monitoring) over GPRS 10sec - 7days   10sec - 7days
IRIS management over GPRS  
USB data to GPRS  
Alarm dialler output to GSM conversion  
Main or backup communications over GSM  
USB data to GSM  
Pin inputs to SMS messaging 4   4
Remote controlled outputs 2 2 2
Configuration via touch screen
Configuration via USB
Tamper protected
9V to 30v DC powered


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