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IRIS Touch 400 Specifications

Features IRIS Touch 400 IRIS Touch 420 IRIS Touch 440
Constant signal path monitoring
Dual path signalling      
*Ethernet IP with PSTN backup    
*PSTN with GSM backup    
Ethernet IP with GPRS backup    
Alarm dialler output to Ethernet conversion  
Pin inputs to alarms over Ethernet   16 16
Polling (monitoring) over Ethernet   10sec - 7days 10sec - 7days
Alarm panel management over Ethernet  
IRIS dialler management over Ethernet  
USB/serial data to Ethernet  
Alarm dialler output to GPRS conversion  
Pin inputs to alarms over GPRS 16   16
Polling (monitoring) over GPRS 10sec - 7days   10sec - 7days
IRIS management over GPRS  
USB/serial data to GPRS  
*Main or backup communications over PSTN    
*Alarm panel management over PSTN    
Main or backup communications of GSM  
USB/serial data to GSM  
Pin inputs to SMS messaging 16   16
Remote controlled outputs 4 4 4
Configuration via touch screen
Configuration via USB
9V to 30v DC powered

*PSTN interface optional

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