IRIS Solutions - Installers

Quite simply, simple.

IRIS works with existing technology where it matters. On-site.

Designed to be installed by security professionals, not IT experts, commissioning IRIS is little more complex than setting up a home broadband connection.

The key is a carefully designed touch-screen interface and an intuitive laptop programme that makes each step clear, self-explanatory and self-correcting.

Yet the levels of security remain as high, if not higher, than any recognised standards; and the ability to maintain communications through PSTN, GPRS or GSM makes that security constant, whatever the situation.

And IRIS is so intelligent it works with almost every legacy alarm system, converting existing installations to fully functioning IP and meeting a growing need for system upgrades from your clients.

IP by security professionals - for the professional security industry.

T: +44 (0)118 988 0228