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Chiron Security reaches 100% coverage of the leading Swiss alarm receiving centres with the addition of EGS Sécurité in Colombier to its client portfolio.

January 29th 2015

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The Swisscom "2017 PSTN Sunset" announcement in March last year gave the Swiss Alarm over IP market a strong, dynamic realisation that immediate change was imperative.

Chiron Security Communications, well represented in Switzerland since 2008 with its renowned IRIS Alarm over IP system, has, with this latest IRIS Secure Apps™ implementation, now reached 100% coverage of the leading Swiss alarm receiving centres.

Swiss security installers now have the full choice of connecting their IRIS Touch AoIP installations to:

  • Certas in Zürich, Lausanne and Lugano
  • Protectas in Zürich and Geneva
  • Ruvor Management in Sankt Gallen
  • Argus in Buchs (CH) and Eschen (LI)
  • A.D.S.I. Fonti in Geneva
  • Daru-Wache in Riniken
  • GPA Guardian Protection in Geneva
  • Securitas Direct in Lausanne
  • SIR Service d'Intervention Rapide in Geneva
  • Swiss Alertis in Zürich
  • Verkehrsüberwachung Schweiz Sicherheitsdienst Gubelmann in Sankt Gallen
  • EGS Sécurité in Colombier

Chiron's CEO, Willem L. Harthoorn, comments: "This ARC coverage and the explosive growth of the IRIS Touch diallers reflect the trust and confidence of the Swiss security market in the IRIS Alarm over IP system."

About Chiron Security Communications AG:

Chiron is a technology company delivering leading-edge solutions for security communications over IP. Designing and developing communication technology since the early 90s, Chiron is a pioneer in IP communication technology for security systems, and has become the preferred supplier of alarm manufacturers and monitoring centres all over the world.
Chiron has a track record of over 400 monitoring centres, in 43 countries, receiving IRIS AoIP and 200,000 dialler devices being sold worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Zug (CH).


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