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Dr. Pfau's alarm management software LISA integrates IRIS Secure Apps™ (ISA)

June 29th 2015

Dr. Pfau, Germany's leading development company for alarm management software, has integrated Chiron's Alarm over IP receiving platform IRIS Secure Apps™ in it's LISA application.

This integration allows ARCs which use the LISA application to realise an end-to-end IP connectivity between the IRIS AoIP receivers and the LISA frontal stations. Thus making the whole system more flexible, scalable, reliable and faster. Also the bi-directional template integration renders the set-up of new IRIS accounts easier and failsafe through an "one-click" operation.

Chiron's CEO, Willem L. Harthoorn, comments: "This integration with the Dr. Pfau's LISA application has already proven to be extremely useful for existing joined customers and we're looking forward to extend this across the German ARC's that use LISA.

The LISA-ISA integration was jointly presented to the Dr. Pfau customers at the 5th edition of the LISA Anwender Treffen on June 17th 2015 in Lochau (AT)


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