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IRIS complies with latest LPS certification

March 20th 2012

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Chiron’s alarm-over-IP IRIS range is ahead of market as insurers push transmission suppliers to comply with latest LPS certification status

As insurers highlight the importance of the new LPS 1277 v.3 standard for alarm-over-IP signalling systems, Chiron has confirmed that its entire IRIS Touch range has already been awarded accreditation.

Chiron is one of only three companies which have so far met the latest LPS standard, which is the first to be framed specifically to encompass IP transmission.

It's understood that so far not all alarm signalling providers have submitted their transmission products for testing and that some are concerned about the technical demands of the new standard.

However Chiron's founder Ian Tredinnick says objections to the new standard are a mistake.

"The new LPS 1277 v.3 standard provides important safeguards for installers and end-users as it addresses specific IP-related technical considerations that really matter. Although the new standard requires investment from us as manufacturers we should all fully support it," he says.

"Chiron is backing efforts by the BRE and the insurance industry to ensure that the alarm-over-IP equipment works as well as it claims, and lives up to its promise of being more robust and efficient than old fixed-line solutions.

"When users take the decision to buy LPS-certified products that are listed in the 'Red Book' they know they are getting equipment that conforms and works properly under all conditions."

Insurance approval

With continuing rapid growth in the IP alarm transmission market, leading UK insurers are increasingly saying that appropriate LPS certification is essential.

For insurers LPS provides a reliable, independent measure of any signalling products' reliability and performance, and their suitability for ‘the vast majority’ of UK risks .

"RSA  consider IP  signalling is only acceptable as part of a dual signalling product," says Donna Hamer of Royal Sun Alliance.

"RSA consider IP dual signalling systems that have been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) as LPS1277 Issue 3 compliant products operating at performance level ATS5 and installed in accordance with ANNEX C of the standard to be acceptable for the vast majority of UK Theft Risks."


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