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36 New features in Secure Apps 2012 edition

April 18th 2012

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"No matter how big our passion for technology, our ears are even bigger when it comes to customer feedback and demands for new requirements," said Chiron Security Communications' CEO Wim Harthoorn at this month's launch of the IRIS Secure Apps™ 2012 edition.

"The input of our customers is what makes our alarm products a perfect fit within the industry. As such Chiron has been strongly investing in new research and developments of the IRIS Secure Apps™ solution since its initial launch in 2010. The goal of our continued R&D? Improving functionality and adding more value for the user."

What is IRIS Secure Apps™TM ?

In short, IRIS Secure Apps™ is an application for alarm system supervision. This supervision concerns alarm systems that are connected to alarm-receiving centers via a secure connection over IP (instead of via traditional analogue lines). An IRIS Touch dialler device is establishing this connection within any legacy alarm system. We commonly refer to this concept as Alarm over IP.

IRIS Secure Apps is a web-enabled solution providing a multi-user portal that allows you - as a system owner, installer or monitoring center - to monitor, manage, troubleshoot and analyse alarm systems anytime from anywhere.

During the past year Chiron has regularly updated the software with intermediate releases that resulted directly from its continued R&D investments. Regular IRIS Secure Apps™ users will have noticed new features and benefits included in the application on the go, free of charge. Every single new development helps users to continue improving their services towards its customers.

With IRIS Secure Apps 2012 Chiron takes a giant leap in product and technology improvement such as:

  • Uncomplicated installation tool allowing for plug and play system scaling and enhancement up to 16 independent IRIS IP receivers

  • an intuitive self-service tool to manage the remote re-flashing of dialers

  • a strongly improved remote access app allowing for up/download via IRIS IP

  • and more…( actually aside from the above, another 33 improvements have been introduced in IRIS Secure Apps™ 2012)

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