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Ahead of the game yet again for the Belgian market

News release, 20th September 2017

Chiron constantly strives to keep its products compliant with the latest regulations applicable to alarm transmission.

Recently, the Belgian association BEC/CEB published an updated version of the technical note T015/2 with a revised requirement for dual-path alarm transmission.

This revised requirement stipulates that an alarm or event must be sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre over both available transmission paths. The first transmission via the main path followed within 30 seconds via the back-up path.

The IRIS Touch firmware release V2.225 provides in the installers menu under section "Special Options" a menu option "Incert". Activation of this "Incert" option will render the IRIS Touch compliant with the latest T015/2 requirements.

Extra Functions

Chiron's Chief Sales Officer, Willem L. Harthoorn, comments: "Chiron's expertise, reactivity and commitment to compliance with standards not only provide for leading-class products and solutions but keeps us also way ahead of any competition."

On a practical note:

Reflashing the IRIS Touch firmware to V2.225 can be instigated remotely via the IRIS Secure Apps system to which the dialler is reporting, thereby saving the need for a site visit. This can be done either by using the Reflasher App within IRIS Secure Apps or within the IRIS Secure Apps Dialler Dialogue App, by instructing the dialler to 'Start Dialler Management' to the reflash server IP address.

Alternatively, for local upgrade, connection to the reflash server can be instigated from the installer menu, Settings->Reflash.

The reflash IP address is set by default to Chiron's reflash server ( and does not need to be changed unless another reflash server is to be used.

Reflashing can also be carried out by direct local connection to diallers, using our IRIS Touch USB Reflasher that can be downloaded from our web site

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