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Upgrade your Fire Alarm Communications with IRIS

7th May 2014

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Established as Europe’s leading IP and GPRS diallers, the IRIS Touch range of diallers have been deployed in all sectors of the security industry since their release in 2005.

But did you know… the same IRIS Touch diallers are also certified to transmit signals from Fire Alarm Systems?

All IRIS Touch diallers are certified as compliant with the European standard EN54-21 – ‘Fire detection and fire alarm system – Alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment’.

IRIS Touch diallers will receive alarms from the fire alarm panels and transmit these reliably over the IP networks, such as Ethernet and GPRS.

Upgrading fire alarm communications using IRIS Touch diallers allows for fast and simple installation, indication of successful fire alarm acknowledgment, fault conditions, and constant monitoring of the communication paths.

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